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For some homes out there, nothing can tie a room together quite like a white carpet. But people are usually apprehensive about buying this particular color, especially if they have kids (or pets). However, it does not need to be this way at all.

There are some steps that you can take, to ensure that your carpet remains as pristine as it was when first purchased.

Let’s dive in!

White Carpet Tips

Set Boundary Areas For Kids, Pets or Both:

We all know, kids are tons of fun. Who out there can help put a smile at children at play? However, with that play comes a mess, and disarray! And this can spell disaster for a white carpet! It can be avoided, however, by setting boundaries.

And not physical boundaries, more the understanding that certain activities, such as creating artwork, and other thoroughly messy activities are to be performed in areas other than where the nice white carpet is!

The kitchen is an ideal area for these kinds of tasks. The same goes for eating snacks and other foods – stay away from the white carpet at all costs!!

Regular Maintenance of Your Carpet:

You can never vacuum your carpeted areas enough. Some people are under the impression that vacuuming daily is harmful to carpets, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, a daily vacuuming of carpets actually extends the life of those carpets.

Think about it – you are actively removing debris, dirt, pathogens, and a range of other nasty things, before they have a chance to settle down into the pile of the carpet, where they can do the real damage. Even though your carpets might look clean, there’s dirt lurking in its fibres that you cannot see.

So, a daily vacuuming will only extend the life of your carpet, while maintaining that stunning white color!

bedroom with white carpet and big bed

Get a Steam Cleaner:

Sometimes, there are stubborn stains or blemishes on your carpet that a vacuuming simply won’t shift. In situations like these, you are best to avoid store-bought chemical products, as they have the potential to be damaging to your carpet. And especially so with white carpets, where some of these products may actually end up changing the white color in that spot.

Nobody wants this for their white carpet. Although, whether or not your carpet has a difficult stain, steaming your carpets once a month can help clean your carpets to a deeper level, and make your vacuum’s job all the easier.

Get Professional Help:

This is something that should be done annually anyhow, when it comes to maintaining carpets, as it will only help extend their life. However, if you have encountered a stain that simply cannot be addressed by yourself sufficiently, then you know it’s time to get the professionals in.

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