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For whatever the reason may be, from old wife’s tales to urban legends, there are many carpet cleaning myths in circulation with regard to carpet cleaning. How these have come to be is unclear.

However, at 580 Carpet Cleaners, we are here to put your mind at ease. Having your carpets cleaned professionally is absolutely the right thing to do.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these carpet cleaning myths

Carpets can Suffer Shrinkage after Cleaning:

First of all, there is a semblance of truth to this one. But this is why professional cleaning is essential. Amateur attempts at cleaning carpets can leave your carpet wet, and when it dries, it is prone to shrinkage. Therefore, having your carpets cleaned properly & in a professional manner can avoid this risk totally.

Using Store Bought Products Are Sufficient:

Many people are under the impression that by using store bought products on their stained or odorous carpets, that their carpet will be sufficiently cleaned, negating the need for a professional service.

The truth is, while these products may give the look of having done a good job, more often than not, deep down, the damage is still there.

This is merely sticking a plaster over a wound that needs to be stitched. The fact is, many of these products can actually harm your carpet, or your vacuum cleaner over time, whereas having your carpets cleaned professionally will actually extend the life of your carpets.

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Vacuuming Every Day is Harmful to Carpets:

Another carpet cleaning myth is that vacuuming each and every day is excessive, and damaging to your carpets. A lot of people still believe this to be true, and restrict there cleaning habits to perhaps once a week.

However, it has been shown in studies that a daily vacuuming regime reduces build up of dirt and other grime, as well as removing pollutants that may act as irritants to you and your family’s respiratory system.

Daily vacuuming results in carpets that have a very long life, which can add additional years to the life time of your carpets.

Store Bought Equipment Is As Good As A professional Clean:

There are many machines out there, that sell themselves on the premise that the job they do of cleaning your floors is every bit as good as a professional service. In the vast majority of cases, this is simply not true.

The fact is, while these shampooers and similar machines can clean your carpets to a visually sufficient level, they cannot correctly ensure that your carpets are thoroughly dry.

This means that your carpet may shrink, or even develop mould or certain types of mildew, that can be damaging to your & your family’s health. You may end up actually shortening the life of your carpet instead of the intended lengthening you desire.


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