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If you are like many people that own carpets, you will pride yourself on keeping these investments as clean and as hygienic as possible.

People go to extreme lengths to ensure that their carpets look and smell as good as they should. However, these surfaces are often not as clean as they would appear to be to the naked eye.

And deep down, there may be a number of surprising issues going on that you are not aware of. Store bought cleaning agents and machines are simply not sufficient to take care of these matters, and sometimes hiring steam carpet cleaners is the only answer.

If you live in the Livermore area, carpet cleaners are aplenty so make sure you choose a company that offers the specific services that you’re looking for.

Let’s have a look at some of the issues that could potentially be going on, deep down in the piles of your carpets.

Winter Time Means Additional Challenges:

When winter time comes, your carpets really get put to the test.

As conditions deteriorate outside, things get muddy and wet and, of course, this gets brought into your home too, no matter how hard you try to protect your flooring.

And while regular vacuuming keeps the surface of your carpet looking fairly good, and shampooing keeps it smelling sweet, deep down in the piles, some of that dirt still lurks and there’s most likely some unwanted visitors making your carpet their home too!

It can be nearly impossible to get down to this section of your carpet unaided, which is why getting professionals in is a vital step – and one that you should schedule annually.

Pets & Children Equal A Recipe For Disaster:

Any time of the year, pets, children or a combination of them both are a major challenge to carpets. Pets, for the shedded hair and oils, that their skin gives off, not to mention the potential for accidents, and the spreading of faecal matter.

boxer dog laying on carpet

And children, while adorable, sure do know how to make a mess! From spills and drool to food crumbs everywhere, kids sure do know how to ruin a carpet, albeit in the cutest manner possible!

Of course, we forgive them, but your carpets are not so forgiving.

All of these materials have the potential to sink deep down into the lower surfaces of your carpet, into hard to reach places. You will no doubt be fully acquainted with the vacuum cleaner once you have kids and pets, but this is not enough to ensure your carpets are fully cleaned and protected.

Only a professional cleaning service can guarantee you this.

Be Wary of Store Bought Cleaners:

No matter what they advertise themselves as, while these cleaning agents may visually do the job, often times, they can do more damage to your carpet, by their very solutions, which are usually acidic or alkaline in nature.

There is a range of greener options available, of which you will need less of, and will use less water in cleaning them off.

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