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Buying carpets for your home can often be a significant investment. So it is not surprising that you will want to ensure that your carpets last for as long as possible. And with the correct care and due diligence, your carpets can last you for well over 10 years.

By following some (or all) of the following tips that we offer, you can rest assured that you have taken appropriate measures to extend the life of your carpets.

Top Tips To Avoid Ruining Your Carpet

Make Vacuuming A Regular Chore:

This is one of those chores than pretty much everyone hates. But when it comes to keeping your carpets clean, and ensuring they survive as long as possible, regular vacuuming is a must.

Harmful dirt and abrasive materials can thus be removed. Vacuuming at least once a week is one major step you can take, to ensure your carpets are in tip top condition.

Avoid The Deodorising Powder:

A lot of people use these kinds of products, to help keep unwanted scents at bay. Some even use them in lieu of vacuuming, or even where there may be a spill of something, as a mask of sorts, to hide the smell. This is a pretty bad idea, however, as these powders can accumulate in your carpet pile over time. This can create problems for your vacuum cleaner, not to mention the carpet itself!

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Avoid Over Cleaning with Steam:

While some people avoid carpet cleaners until the last minute, some people overdo it. While regular vacuuming is great, if you overuse a steam cleaner on your carpets, you can wind up with problems.

Over steaming carpets can lead to shrinkage, and damage to the carpet pile itself. Carpets only really need this kind of in-depth cleaning once or twice per annum, and this kind of task is best performed by professional carpet cleaners.

Keep the Pets at Bay!

For many people, pets are a part of the family, no question about it. However, pets can be a disaster for your carpets. From unwanted smells to a build up of fur, or event little accidents, many things can go wrong with your pets and your carpets.

If you prefer to have your pets in your carpeted areas with you, maybe consider having an additional offcut of carpet that your pet can use as a place to rest with you. For example, my dog likes to lie in front of the fireplace.

I simply place an off cut of carpet, especially for him, where he lies. This way, the laid carpet is not being damaged underneath.

Avoid Walking Barefoot on Carpets:

This is something we are all guilty of, especially in bedroom areas. However, walking barefoot on carpets is damaging to them. Your feet accumulate bacteria throughout the day, as well as moisture from sweat and oils. And these transfer into your carpet, damaging them over time. Where at all possible, wear footwear such as slippers while walking on your carpets.

By following a few of the above tips, your carpet will continue to be in tip-top shape and you’ll avoid ruining them in the long run.

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