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We have all seen them – telemarketing ads either on late night TV or on dedicated shopping channels. And often times, they will have magic products or devices featured, that are claimed to be the be all and end all – the magic word in carpet cleaning!

They will often demonstrate the abilities of the new product that they are pedalling and it all looks very impressive, that cannot be denied.

However, all may not be as it seems.

Here is the truth:

See How Effective Those Spills Are Cleaned Up? Wow!

It all looks very impressive, especially on the shows on shopping channels, when they bring out a piece of carpet to demonstrate how one of these products or devices works.

Next time that happens, look a little closer.

Often times, the materials they are using on these shows, to create a mess for the product or device to clean up, are not in any way representative of a real-life scenario.

They will use grainy material that can easily be sucked up or cleaned away from the surface of a carpet. They don’t sink deep down into the pile of the carpet, as a real-life spill might, and simply sit on the surface, making the task easier for these products.

red wine stain on carpet

What About That Red Wine / Coffee Stain – Those were Demolished!

They sure were! But would it surprise you to learn that those aren’t red wine and coffee liquids being used?

A lot of these marketing companies know the truth about these kinds of stains, and will therefore use water and a food color to create something looking like red wine or coffee. And the truth is, red wine or coffee stains are really bad news for your carpets.

This is because of a compound found in both called Tannins. These natural colours in wine or coffee are what causes the stains to re-appear, as if by magic, overnight.

Even though you may have done a great job of cleaning up that stain, at least to a visually sufficient level. Tannins sink deep into the piles of your carpet and are hard to reach.

They “wick” back up through the fibres of your carpet over time, meaning that the stain just keeps re-appearing. A nightmare scenario for carpet owners.

Are These A Good Replacement For Professional Carpet Cleaning?

In a word – no.

The fact is, virtually nothing on the market can beat a professional cleaning service, carried out by a qualified and experienced trained carpet cleaning company.

So regardless of the claims made, or the “evidence” presented, a professional cleaning service will always be the best cleaning solution for your carpets.

The main focus of these companies is to sell you this product, and if this means bending the truth to make a sale, or flat out lying in their claims, they will do so.

The almighty dollar is the bottom line for them!

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