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A lot of people out there think that simply vacuuming their carpets occasionally, or using some store-bought shampoos or other cleaners, is enough to maintain their carpets in the long term.

However, no matter the type of carpet you have, it will require professional cleaning at least once every year. And there are signs you can look out for, that will let you know when it is time to book that professional cleaner.

Let’s have a look at some of the tell-tale signs to keep a watch out for when you’re getting a professionally cleaned carpet service.

Tough Stains on your Carpet: 

Have you noticed a stain or two on your carpet, that neither vacuuming, steaming nor store-bought cleaning products have not been able to shift?

Chances are, you will not be able to rid your carpet of this stain yourself, and will require some professional help. This is one major sign that your carpet could do with some professional cleaning.

Strange or Unpleasant Smells Coming from the Carpet: 

If you have become aware that there is now a strange, unpleasant and unwanted odour rising from your carpet, then this is a sign that you need to call in the professionals.

We at 580 Carpet Cleaning have encountered every type of smell imaginable in carpets, from pet urine to spills and everything in between.

A bad smell coming out of your carpet can also be indicative of other issues, such as potential mould growth, which over time can be a health issue for your family as there are many dangers of mold.

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Carpets Not Looking So New Anymore: 

This is another big warning sign to you that your carpet could do with a professional clean. Naturally, wear and tear over time can leave carpets looking a bit duller, piles a bit flatter etc.

Store bought cleaners can temporarily help you, but they are not a good solution, more a “finger in the dam” approach. A professional cleaning service is what is required in situations such as these.

Re-Appearing Stains: 

Which brings us to our next point. Have you ever had a stain on your carpet, that you have tackled yourself via steam cleaner or store bought cleaning products, that looks to have been eradicated, only to reappear once the carpet dries again?

This is a sign of a deeper issue, that requires a proper, deep cleaning of your carpet. Professional cleaning can get rid of these kinds of problems restoring your carpet to that “new” look.

Your Last Clean was over 12 Calendar Months Ago: 

If the last time your carpet was cleaned was over 12 months ago, then it is time once more to have it cleaned.

While it may look in good condition, what you are not seeing, buried deep in the carpet, is accumulated dirt, oils, and potential odours that you have become adjusted to. Annual professional cleaning can keep your carpet in its best possible condition.

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